Saturday, February 23, 2008


It’s been kind of busy with some my going away parties.
I feel pretty sad as the departure day is getting close. Now is the time I got to do what I have wanted and enjoy the America before I leave. And complete the mission that I can’t leave behind.
The steakhouse ; Pinnacle Peak, I beat the 2 pounds steak. (I couldn’t even finish 1 pound steak at different place last time when I came America 5years ago, I was almost like busted.. Now I beat America!) I’ll upload the picture as soon as I get it from my friend.

U23D must have been seen while I’m here. Then I did it today.
That was incredible! The concert film was shot at South America and we need to wear the special glasses which make our eyes pretty tired, though, I am so big fan of U2 that I kept crying as same as I was at their concert in Tokyo 2years ago. The only thing I have been felt sorry is I was not able to stand up and sing along.
Bono was saying in the concert like that, ‘the difference between countries shouldn’t prevent us from making our better future.’
That’s right.

Friday, February 22, 2008


I’ve never wondered why Japanese shochu is also labeled as soju in the U.S. I didn’t care much about the issue ever, it turned out that it is necessary to know the inside track as long as there is special reason.

Here is the answer.
The liquor licensing laws in the states of California and New York classify soju in the same category as beer and wine, allowing businesses with a beer/wine license to sell it without requiring the more expensive license required for other distilled spirits. The only codicil is that the soju must be clearly labelled as such and contain less than 25% alcohol.
This has led to the appearance in the United States of many soju-based equivalents of traditional Western mixed drinks normally based on vodka or similar spirits, such as the soju martini and the soju cosmopolitan. Another consequence is that the manufacturers of similar distilled spirits from other parts of Asia, such as Japanese shochu, have begun to relabel their products as soju for sale in those regions. quoting from Wikipedia

So, that means it is better to make them labelled as Soju.
However, there are some Japanese brands represented like 'Yokaichi' labeled as shochu that has been produced by the company which gives priority to the policy than the cost even in the U.S.