Sunday, January 20, 2008

I am tired.

It was the busiest ever today. The karaoke bar located at Little Tokyo where I work for was really alive with a lot of USC students today. (Have you ever heard that USC is also stand for University of Spoilt Children, that means they are rich, but ….)
Anyways, they were much more crazy than usual due to the victory of basketball game; USC beaten UCLA.
Whenever they come to our bar, they do sake-bomb, I don’t know why, but they do, and they drink a lot. They paid more than $2,000 for drink charge in the end. I can’t believe that.
Meanwhile, I met a homeless guy on the wheelchair while I was fueling gas at the gas station on the way home. He came by me and started begging money as I had expected. Usually, I ignore and leave this kind of beggar behind, but today it was different, something has changed in my mind. I was thinking about the gap between these people, what makes them be so different? I don’t mean I blame the rich for abandoning the boor, because they probably owe their success to their efforts.
But… I somehow felt sad.All I could do was just putting $2 on his hands.

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