Friday, January 25, 2008

Why don’t we cooperate?

I suppose it is really hard to live with people who have various backgrounds. Mostly, we benefit from co-living represented ‘room-share’ in many ways, but some of us have an exception.
For example, disaster 1, one of my friends had been living with two roommates for 2 months, one day the roommate have taken my friend’s money and ran away. He is no longer able to reach the ex-roommate. Remember, do not keep cash in the room, more importantly, do not trust anyone. Second disaster, one of my friends has been in trouble with junky roommate. I heard he had found his car broken (apparently broken by the roommate) shortly after he came back from vacation trip. Now he is filing a suit for it against him with the court. Remember, make sure whether a roommate is sane or not before starting co-living.
For me, it’s a messy kitchen.

This is the picture that had been attached on the fridge in the kitchen shared by us.
I don’t know who attached it, because almost 10 people are living in our dorm-type apartment ( Asian,Black,Latino,Russian,etc..) , we share only kitchen and bathrooms. I don’t want you to see the picture of kitchen that is not appropriate one on the web page. Just a week is enough to become messy even though a cleaner (I really feel sorry about this cleaner..I got to thank her) comes to clean up every week. Actually, I don’t care so much about kitchen because I rarely cook… But, I wonder why we can’t help each other.

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