Sunday, January 20, 2008

Let’s see how far I’ve come.

I’ve decided to return Japan the end of February.
I took the TOEIC (I know it is not common in America, but to my surprise, I heard it is not even in South Korea or China) last week in order to check my improvement.
Then I’ve got the result today, the score was 820/990, not bad for me. But I still feel regret about the result, for I had difficulties in the reading part, because the test form was different than I expected, I mean all passages are like quotes from business scene, and not so easy to comprehend in limited time. If we are not familiar with this kind of stuff, it may be more difficult than the reading part of TOEFL.


Satsuki said...

I will take TOEIC in March!(My score is 830 now. So I wanna get 900!)I am studying for it and I can recommend some textbooks for TOEIC^^
I am gonna wait for your coming back to Japan★

Shige Suzuki said...

Cool, I believe you can get 900 next time! I could't find any latest textbook covering recent Toeic even in Kinokuniya, so I need some.