Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I’ve been leisure a couple of days because I had finished my language school last week (still working part time 5-6days a week, though), then I happened to find an interesting article while I was reading L.A. times. That is about the “Ramen Blog” written by someone probably living in L.A. who calls himself as ‘rameniac’. http://www.rameniac.com/P1/
I’ve got interested in it and found ‘ramen Top 10’ that I couldn’t help checking it out as ‘Ramen-lover’. Nowadays, a lot of ramen restaurant chain primary established in Japan seem to competitively branch out into L.A.
‘Santouka’ appeared at the top in that ranking is also one of them.
Then, I went to ‘Little Osaka’ to check the ‘chabuya’ ranked no.9.
I skipped ‘Orochon ramen’, because I’ve already been there before, I hate to say this, it sucks. It is not worth it.
Anyways, I was completely disappointed when I found ‘chabuya’ closed today. I got to go ‘asahiya-ramen’ instead located in front of ‘chabuya’ that never seen before.
Well, honestly, that was so-so. I’m sure ‘asahiya-ramen’ is out of rank.Damn, I realized that I should have taken some pictures,…from next time, sorry.


fuckman said...

I like Chabuya ramen. When you have a chance to go there, I recommend picking out miso-tsukemen. That is pretty good although I would prefer Chabuya in Gokokuji rather than the one in Little Osaka. Enjoy your rest of time in L.A.

Shige Suzuki said...

I've been to chabuya in Gokokuji before where I got to be in the line to enter at day-time.
But, I wonder whether the chabuya in L.A. is a branch of that in Japan. I'll try misotsuke there, anyway.